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The ALMÜ ALL-IN-ONE principle
It has always been ALMÜ‘s credo to develop innovative technology – which can only be successful if it helps companies increasing its technical processes in quality and productivity, and first and foremost, making them more precise. Tools, fixtures, and engineering services have always been inseparably linked. This is what the ALMÜ ALL-IN-ONE PRINCIPLE stands for. As the illustrations show, our one-stop service takes care of all steps and components you need. The result are cost benefits and great value for money for all our customers.

 THE ALMÜ ALL-IN-ONE PRINCIPLE Final processing steps on the 5-axis machining center Even large devices are measured completely on our Zeiss measuring machine In the separate assembly area, we assemble and adjust the fixture Robust wooden transport box: everything is safely packed Centering clamp with six clamping fingers

Day after day, many of ALMÜ‘s customers are facing the same challenges: due to increasingly shorter production cycles, they have to live with the steady change from machining discontinued workpieces to working with new ones. Most often, the tools and hydraulic devices are in the spotlight. As a first step, we analyze the requirements in a machining study, leading to an overall concept. Together with our customers, we devise the technologically best solution.

This is the basis of a harmonized complete tool-and-fixture package offering creative solutions. ALMÜ‘s constructors assist you during the entire project, from the choice of the adequate basic material up to the definition of the optimized manufacturing process. Our fully CAD-CAM networked headquarters make it possible to include every refinement conceivable in modern 3D machining construction. You will receive the documentation package as a digital version and in print. The documentation package comprises a set of drawings, a list of pieces, the hydraulic plan, as well as our coordinate measuring machine‘s test chart.

Here comes actually the heart of the en-tire production process. Due to more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing precision tools, this is the main focus of attention of all those involved. Chip-removing techniques are one of ALMÜ‘s core competences. Using a CRM software, the 3D models from the construction department are converted into applicable manufacturing data. These data are uploaded into a most modern 5-axle machining center. The first real steps in the production of an hydraulic fixture have been made. By using a measuring sensor, we ensure high quality and precision of the components. By way of manufacturing in a fixture, even complex drilling in dihedral angles becomes possible with the highest precision.

Now, we attack the particular details. In our separate assembly department, set up especially for the final assembly of hydraulic devices, the carrier and all other components get together. The precommisioned purchased parts, all manufactured parts, and the connecting components are assembled like a 3D puzzle. Thanks to the list of items provided by the construction department, not a single piece is missing. As for third-party standard-hydraulic products, ALMÜ purchases them from renowned German manufac-turers. That ensures reliability, longevity, as well as spare parts availability for many years to come. In due time and with the best ALMÜ quality, the entire device is harmonized, including a full functional check.

Quality & shipping
To ensure the accuracy of the device, we use our coordinate measuring machine to calibrate the entire component assembly. That reduces the necessary final tuning by the customer to a minimum. The measurement protocol then becomes the basis for CNC programming. Of course, we check the fixture hydraulically, adjust the pressure differential of the seating control, and monitor the entire system for leakage during continuous operation during a few dozen clamping cycles.
We have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. Each single manufacturing step has been documented consistently based on predefined test processes – from purchasing of materials to the final products. That makes sure you get impeccable and technologically superb products. When all production and inspection stages are completed, our hydraulic fixtures are packed safely in individually adapted carrier boxes, and sent directly to our customers.

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