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Tools with polycrystalline diamonds as cutters have long become a success story in the metal industry, and nobody can live without them. After all, PCD tools offer an outstanding service life, and have thus become state of the art in cost-effective production processes of complex components.

PCD tools A PCD circular milling tool for processing a retarder case A PCD combination tool for processing a car’s steering tube A spiral-grooved PCD tool for universal use with high chipping volume

Our longstanding customers are well aware of our competence when it comes to handling PCD.

Our aim and our motivation is to merge several machining tasks into just one single tool. The result is obvious: just take a close look at the excellent results of our innovative work. We know a lot about what it means to reduce nonproductive time caused by frequent tool changes. This is exactly what we take into account – and therefore, ALMÜ as created tool concepts that are absolutely unique.

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